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Announcing Ethiopia!!! Our Newest HOPE Program!!!

The Kiddos are Coming Soon. It really does change lives! The Kids Too! - Click the image to learn how.

Host a Child - Change a Life - theirs too!

It really does change lives! - Click the image to learn how.

PROJECT 143: Bringing HOPE to Orphans Through Hosting



Hosting an orphan child can be a truly life changing experience.Read inspirational stories from families all over the country.


Your donation can literally save the life of a great kid that just needs a chance to be known.


Project 143 offers two host seasons in the summer and winter. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!


What people are saying about Project 143:

  • Vika brought unbounded joy, heartfelt gratitude and unconditional love to all the members of our family.
    Kessler Family // Massachusetts
  • We cling to the memories of hosting; they keep our hearts alive with love.
    Stolz Family // Georgia
  • Hosting opened our eyes to older orphans. We learned about our children’s lives, their culture and how badly they needed a chance.
    Erickson Family // Ilinois
  • Hosting made our family stronger. It forced us to use muscles we didn't know we had.
    Warren Family // Tennessee
  • Hosting makes a difference. Not just “feed a child for a month” difference, but “I have a mom and dad” difference.
    Tramell Family // Tennessee
Waller Family Adoption Story

Make 2015 a Year of Real HOPE!

Your donations and gifts save kids lives TODAY!

Please help us give these kids a fair chance in life -- if not save their lives! Each $2,750 donated to Project 143 represents a child's life. That is all it costs to SAVE one orphan child's life TODAY! That is what it costs to bring a child to America to live with a Host Mom and Host Dad for 4 to 8 weeks during either the summer or winter seasons. How can hosting a child save their lives? Read any of these miraculous real life stories here and you will be left with no doubt.

Please GIVE here.

Amazon Smiles Program

There is a great chance that you're already doing some shopping at Amazon. Why not help an orphan everytime you simply shop? Nothing could be easier or more satisfying. Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase to Project 143, which will result in more children getting hosted - just by your shopping.
Please use and type in P143 - then just shop as you always do.

P143 Orphan Hope Program changes lives!

Through Project 143's Orphan Host (HOPE) Program, you can change an orphan's life forever by simply inviting them into your home to share in your family values, traditions, and unconditional love. All you need is a desire to show a child their worth, increase their confidence and show a kindness they have rarely seen. Host families simply need to provide a child hope for his/her future. For more information regarding the Project 143 Host (Hope) Program click here.

The Sparrow Project

Our friends at The Sparrow Project are busy in February! They are highlighting the many ways you can be a part of orphan care and live out Matthew 25:40 - "whatever you have done for the least of these you have done for ME." To help place financial scholarships on P143 children, the Sparrow Project has introduced their Just ONE Campaign - where you can Be ONE, For ONE. BUY an item from their Just ONE campaign click here and proceeds will be used to place financial scholarships on the P143 kids. God moves easily when we all links arms. You CAN be HOPE to Just ONE. And together, we CAN change the world: ONE at a time.

Support a child financially to be hosted

Project One Forty Three, Inc., (Project 143) sponsors have the opportunity to make a life changing difference for specific orphans. By choosing a child from the photolisting, sponsors ensure the participation of personally selected children in the upcoming Project 143 Orphan Host (HOPE) Program. We wish that host programs could be free, but unfortunately there are real expenses in transporting, chaperoning and managing the the children from one country to another. Sponsor host grants literally mean the difference between yes and no, for the participation of some children in the host program. If you want to know the specific child whose life you are likely changing forever, become a Project 143 Sponsor today! Click here.

With your bare hands

Project 143 exists solely because of the passion, caring and single-minded devotion of our volunteers. While everyone's background and experience may be different, all share a single-minded focus on trying to save ONE more child.There are so many ways to help! Please contact us here. Also, you can review, download and return our Project 143 Volunteer Application

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    Project One Forty Three, Inc., is a 501(c)3 organization. EIN: 27-1345034

    Project 143 is named for those that it serves — namely the nearly 143 million orphans worldwide. Sadly, since our founding, this number has increased dramatically, but our mission remains the same — to help orphans experience the love of families.

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